GPS Navigation that Talks and Obeys Your Voice

GPS navigation just got more handy (to the next level) with the text-to-speech feature and now with voice commands. You won’t have to look at the device screen to study the satellite map or read directions. Just drive and listen and give orders. The only down side to this is—you’d miss looking at your GPS navigation device.

Voice Navigation Instructions

Instead of reading directional instructions on screen, new GPS navigation devices tell you vocally where to go. With recent developments, they now tell you the name of the street where you are and the name of the street where you should make the next turn. Before this text-to-speech breakthrough, GPS navigation devices used generic terms when referring to streets. For instance, it will tell you to “turn right on the third corner” or “turn left in 50 feet.”

But with this latest GPS navigation edition, the device will actually identify the street name: “Turn left to Quezon Avenue” or “turn right to Finance Street.”
Previously, too, you typed your destination on the box provided. If you are going to, say, number 34 Road 23, District 4, Quezon City, type just that and the GPS navigation will tell you where to go.

But the latest in GPS navigation eliminates the need to type addresses. Just tell it where to go. The voice command you make will trigger the navigation functionality and the device will start talking to you, telling you where to go and where to turn, and actually name streets relevant to the navigation.

Utmost Safety

One of the benefits of this type of GPS navigation, aside from convenience in getting instructional directions, is safety. First, you won’t have to take your eyes off the road to gaze at the screen and see on the graphical map where the device is telling you to go. Second, you won’t have to type addresses while driving—especially if you’re driving alone. You can focus on safe driving and not risk any danger of meeting accidents on the road.


Typing addresses is made more difficult when you have to change direction. From going to a specified place you have already typed on the GPS, a sudden urgency pops up and you need to go to another different location. It will be difficult to type in the new address while driving. Or, you may have to stop at a safe corner to do the typing.

However, with voice-activated GPS you can actually command, all you need to do is say the new direction and the device will pursue it. No hassle, no interruption, no stopping, no delay. It will be a new car navigation accessory to brag about to friends. Be among the first to own one.

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